28 Feb

Brodie Heights Bi-Monthly Service – $32 Monthly Special With Advance Season Payment

Brodie Heights Condos Bi-Monthly Lawn Care Service – $32 Monthly Special With Advance Season Payment

Mowing * Trimming * Pulling Weeds (*upon initial service) * Blowing Off Walkways

* Habitual weeds should be serviced by regular service, like Weedman

2x, yes, 2 time, twice a month scheduled service, for the low low price of $32 (With Advance Season Payment, all others subject to $36 a month).

Offer Expires March 31, 2014

Brodie Heights Condominiums
9201 Brodie Lane
Austin, TX 78748

PH: (512) 280-6797
FX: (512) 291-0841

18 Feb

Your Lawn Needs Rehab – Organic Fertilizer

Is your lawn on chemical fertilizer? Then your lawn is chemically dependent. It is time to get your lawn into rehab!

It is the season, now is the time to add compost, soils, and organic fertilizer to your lawn, these are our preferred organic fertilizers.

We Support Organic Fertilizer

We can recommend an expert to come out to your lawn and give you an estimate on what it would take to get your lawn off of these chemicals. Contact Us Now!

18 Feb

Lawn Aeration Services Schedule

Schedule Your Core Lawn Aeration Services Today

Beautiful yards are created by providing the best growing conditions based on a solid foundation of inputs such as fertilizers, water, seed and control products, when necessary. Core aeration – which can be performed in the spring or fall – improves your lawn’s health and beauty, optimizes root development and reduces thatch and associated problems. It also deepens your lawn’s root system for greater resistance to disease, insects, drought and heat stress, improves drainage and improves air, fertilizer, water movement. It can also help reduce water usage. Overseeding is often performed in conjunction with core aeration. Typically, the charge is between $45 and $75. Contact us today if you would like for us to perform this service on your lawn.