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Mat Lawn care left a leaflet on my door.
He responded quickly, takes care of my law 2x a month, not only mows but weeds and got rid of a huge ant bed, which was unexpected.
His service is excellent, quick, easy and very affordable.
He emails when he is coming and most of the time I am at work.
I highly recommend him. – Kathy Holton

Friendly, reliable and does a great job. My lawn looks beautiful now. Highly, highly recommended. – Bryan L.

Matt does great work! Super friendly, and very fair priced! He even did a free lawn cut for me just for me referring my girlfriend. Gave both of our lawns a great manicured look! Go with Matt! – Mance F.

Matt’s a great guy, super helpful and knowledgeable, reasonable prices, and timely service. I’d definitely recommend him for bi-weekly/monthly service, or if you just need help doing some of the heavy lifting. Call him now! – Spencer L.

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