12 Feb

Cash Preferred

We prefer Cash, but really who doesn’t really. Long Live Johnny Cash!!

We love Cash!

Of course Willie Nelson is great, but Willie preferred doesn’t have the same ring to it.

If you could and you have cash available for pickup on jobs, then this is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help. We do have an online payment option, but due to the transaction costs it will cost more. You can always leave cash or check under the mat if you are not going to be home.

13 Jan

Lawns, It’s All We Do

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services specializes in the sole goal of keeping you a healthy and regularly trimmed lawn. We occasionally will assist in minor sprinkler head repair and maintenance, minor tree pruning, or minor cases of pest control with ant mounds, but really all we do and want to do is keep your lawn happy!. Please Contact Us today and see how we can help you with your lawn. Don’t worry if we don’t specialize in your needs, we will refer you to a specialized professional who can!

12 Jan

Scheduled Service for Lawns with Sprinkler Systems Specials

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services provides a discounted rate for new customers signing up for regularly scheduled service that have an existing in ground sprinkler system, with mention of this ad. Please let us know and we would be happy to let us know how we can help maintain your lawn and save you money!

11 Jan

Sprinkler Head Maintenance and Replacements

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services offers services for sprinkler head maintenance and replacements on most models. Please inform us of any malfunctioning sprinklers and we will do our best to fix the faulty device or ensure that the proper maintenance is performed to keep the sprinkler head functioning properly.

10 Jan

Go Green, Like Your Lawn

  • Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services has a strong commitment to the environment and to the community. We are a green only company. We return bagged leaves back to the earth on designated land on the outskirts of Austin. We mulch and return the nutrients to your yard. We will not bag these grass clippings and carry them off or deposit them into a landfill. We use the most eco friendly push mowers and can even us reel mowers upon request.

Go green and pay more to have your lawn mowed with our reel mowers.

Can even go super green on a lawn and for additional charge can use a reel lawn mower, now that’s real!

06 Oct

Cash For New Grass – City of Austin Rebate Incentive

Landscape Conversion Incentive: Lawn Remodel Option

A$$, Cash, or Grass – The City of Austin is providing a cash option incentive for new grass lost in the drought of 2011. Contact Us for help with this.

Application must be postdated by October 14, 2011 to be eligible.

Program Information

  • $10 for every 100 sqft converted from existing turf to Bermuda or Buffalo grasses listed in the City of Austin Preferred Plant List.
  • Minimum of entire front yard and/or back yard turf.
  • Minimum of 6″ soil depth, 8″ preferred (soil may need to be added).
  • Automatic sprinkler systems must undergo an irrigation evaluation.
  • Turf installation is limited to a maximum of 20,000 sqft. Areas in excess of 20,000 sqft must be replaced with native landscape or permeable hardscape, rock gardens, mulching or non-irrigated beds.

This program is not appropriate for:

  • Sloping or creekside properties
  • Properties subject to HOA restrictions that conflict with the program requirements
  • Properties without a soil depth of 6″ or those unable to increase the soil depth to 6″
  • Customers unwilling to accept an indefinite time period with dead grass and delay in new installation
  • Customers unwilling to allow their new lawn to go dormant in the winter
  • Lawns (including established St. Augustine) that have remained healthy under current watering restrictions
  • Front or back yards receiving less than six hours of full sun per day
  • To be eligible for rebate, properties must:

  • Be an owner-occupied residential property
  • Be an Austin Water customer
  • Delay new installation until authorized by Austin Water
  • Not receive a warning or citation for water waste or violation of watering restrictions
04 Jul

Buy American

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services – Buy American – American Workers Only at Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services

Times are tough in this ever sinking recession and greater depression for all Americans. We have never and never will hire illegal aliens to work for Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services. Although illegal aliens provide hardworking, skilled, and cheap labor, as is the norm in this industry. We take a stand, although costing the same or a tad more, you can rest assured in knowing that you are putting food on the table for hardworking, highly skilled, professional American workers!

Most of our workers are high school young adults in the community, who are making more than they would at the mall or other corporate minimum wage establishments. Others are working through college to better themselves and bring more to the community.

Happy Birthday America!

So, Put your money where you mouth is and Buy American and keep America strong. You might have to pay a little more, but America is winning in the long-run. Do what is right and support hard working Americans.

Be sure to ask us about Military Discounts, we support our troops.

29 Apr

Hello Again World!

Lawn Care Services was a lawn care company that I formed in 1996 and dissolved in 1998 when merged with Natescape Lawns of Austin. We serviced lawns all of the Austin area and had many clients from residential to commercial properties on weekly schedules. A crew is being assembled for 2.0 in the Spring/Summer of 2011.

No lawn is too big or too small. Although, some may be too far, we specialize in South and Southwest Austin lawncare and maintenance.

Small lawns can be done for $25. Average lawns for $35. And most lawns and extras for $45.

Can even go super green on a lawn and for additional charge can use a reel lawn mower, now that’s real!