20 Mar

Watering It Is Easier and Cheaper Than Weeding

Watering, it is both easier and less expensive than weed-eating and mowing your lawn every 10 days to keep up with the enormous amount of growth. So many beautiful St. Augustine lawns in Austin died last year due to not getting enough water. But now they require much more mowing than a traditional grass lawn would be needed. Hence, it is both easier and cheaper to water existing lawns, than to lose them to weeds.

05 Mar

Now Accepting New Bi-Monthly Customers

Due to the extreme recent demand for lawn maintenance in Austin, we are now only accepting customers who plan on setting up an account for regularly scheduled maintenance. the following plans are offered, 10 day, 15 day, and 30 day mowing cycle.

Still No contracts, this is just setting up a payment plan on an agreement and hand-shake.

04 Mar

Helping Hands

Here at Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services we are dedicated to earning your long-term business. If you would like to reduce the total cost of your lawn and help us perform the work, then that will be duly noted and considered. Many times, we will gladly accept this offer of a helping hand and with a little help from my friends we can spend time working together as a team to accomplish the goal of getting your lawn into shape, with a discount to your for your sweat equity. Contact us today if this sounds like something that you would like to do.

Sometimes this is the best way to go for you, as Top Gunn Rentals is one of the only places in Austin that rents residential lawn mowers. They charge $30 (plus tax) by the day. And they are mostly always rented. If you would like to rent equipment from us, please Contact Us.