02 Sep

LL Niño – Don’t call it a comeback

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services Gnome

LL Niño, or as some call it El Niño, is the big boy rainy brother of La La Niña, commonly referred to as simply La Niña.

This is a weather pattern known for it’s intense rain, just like we had this past Spring. We filled up Lake Travis and had the Memorial Day floods in Austin, Part II.

Summer came hard and heavy and hot. No rain, well not much, but now, now it just as well may be time.

“Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years!”

Enter LL Niño, bring it on. Show me what you got!

18 Feb

Your Lawn Needs Rehab – Organic Fertilizer

Is your lawn on chemical fertilizer? Then your lawn is chemically dependent. It is time to get your lawn into rehab!

It is the season, now is the time to add compost, soils, and organic fertilizer to your lawn, these are our preferred organic fertilizers.

We Support Organic Fertilizer

We can recommend an expert to come out to your lawn and give you an estimate on what it would take to get your lawn off of these chemicals. Contact Us Now!

14 Oct

Rain Delays

We will always try to come perform services as scheduled, but these dates may slide around to accommodate different dates such as, holidays, vacation, weekends (Sundays), rain delays, and long months (so to fit in a bi-monthly schedule).

Currently, rain is affecting the Austin area, so this puts schedules off and pushes others back as well. Sometimes this can result in over a week of delay. We apologize for any inconveniences, but we sure do need the rain!

10 Oct

A Letter From Our C.E.Mow

A NOTE FROM THE LAWNBOY (just for fun!)

I’m Lawn-Mat, that’s right, Lawn-Mat, it’s what my parents named me when just a wee kido.
They named me that because I used to push my little plastic mower all of the house, mowing our green shag carpet, I was the man! I really thought that I was mowing.
When I got a little older I would rake that shag carpet. Remember those days? When you actually had rakes to rake indoor carpet? Yep, I did it, loved it!! I was a mowing raking fool!
When I got old enough, maybe 6, I could start and push my own mower. There I was a mowin’! Barefoot and all.
So my parent’s renamed my Lawn-Mat. I go by that, have for years. Legally had it changed. I still love it, mowing and raking. You need your lawn mowed, raked, swept up and blown, I or my guys will do it for you, we really love it!
My buddies and I would mow all of the lawns in the neighborhood. Heck it even put me through college. I thought I college degree could help me, but I’m back, back to mowin’ lawns, the thing I love, why did I ever leave you, my trusty lawn mowing machine?!? Never again, I’m back!!
You think that it’s hot out there, but we think it feels just right! Call us crazy, but when you love something you love it.
So let us mow and maintain your lawn for you, we’ll do it and we’ll do it right!
Oh yeah, and we now take safety seriously, we wear shoes and protective devices, heck even safety glasses, but always earbuds in my ears to play some good tunes while I work.
No lawn is too big or too small. Although, some may be too far, we specialize in South and Southwest Austin lawncare and maintenance.
Small lawns can be done for $25. Average lawns for $35. And most lawns and extras for $45.
Thanks for your consideration, just let me mow, it’s all I wanna do!! Let me do it for you!
Lawn-Mat-C.E.Mow (Chief Operating Mower)

30 Sep

Troy-Bilt 723EX Series New Mower

Troy-Bilt TB230 190-cc 21-in Self-Propelled Front Wheel Drive 3 in 1 Gas Push Lawn Mower with Briggs &
Stratton Engine

Briggs & Stratton Push mower

TB230 TriAction® 21″ High Wheel Self-Propelled Mower

27 Mar

Now Is The Time To Aerate

Core Lawn Aeration

Beautiful yards are created by providing the best growing conditions based on a solid foundation of inputs such as fertilizers, water, seed and control products, when necessary. Core aeration – which can be performed in the spring or fall – improves your lawn’s health and beauty, optimizes root development and reduces thatch and associated problems. It also deepens your lawn’s root system for greater resistance to disease, insects, drought and heat stress, improves drainage and improves air, fertilizer, water movement. It can also help reduce water usage. Overseeding is often performed in conjunction with core aeration. Typically, the charge is between $45 and $75. Contact us today if you would like for us to perform this service on your lawn.

23 Mar

Start of Season Service Charge May Apply to New and Existing Customers

Start of Season Service Charge May Apply to New and Existing Customers

Lawns that require special attention since the end of the regular season and the start of the regular mowing season, either new or existing customer, may be subject to an addition service charge to cover the expense in time to get the yard back in to shape. If you think that you might be charged, please Contact Us.

15 Feb

Don’t Buy A Lawn Mower, Let Us Use Our Mowers

Don’t Buy A Lawn Mower, Let Us Use Our Mowers

There is no need, weather you own or rent. A mower is expensive and lot’s of maintenance. Heck, you can run one into the ground, but that wouldn’t be nice. Also, what about all of your time, that has to count for something… Let us use our mowers and you can kick back and enjoy a cold one.

01 Jun

Trip Fuel Charge

Here at Lawn-Mat Lawncare Services we have never had to charge any sort of trip charge for time or fuel for reasonable distances. However, with the looming $5 a gallon gas again, it is a must. The high cost of fuel is cutting deep into our livelihood, as gasoline is at the core of our expenses, gasoline to power the mower, gasoline/oil mixture to power both the line trimmer and blower. And gasoline to power our vehicles to get us to the site. A minimal charge may be charged when any lawn is considered outside of our normal South Austin territory or in excess of 10 miles. Charges are subject to change or may not even apply. If you think that you might be charged for trip/fuel, please Contact Us.

23 May

Troy-Bilt 550EX Series New Mower

Briggs & Stratton Push mower

22 May

The Gardens at Covered Bridge Bi-Monthly Service – $40 Monthly Special

Gardens at Covered Bridge Condos Bi-Monthly Lawn Care Service – $40 Monthly Special

Mowing * Trimming * Blowing Off Walkways

2x, yes, 2 time, twice a month scheduled service, for the low low price of $40.

Offer Expires May 1, 2012

Gardens at Covered Bridge Condos

Austin, TX 78735

05 Mar

Now Accepting New Bi-Monthly Customers

Due to the extreme recent demand for lawn maintenance in Austin, we are now only accepting customers who plan on setting up an account for regularly scheduled maintenance. the following plans are offered, 10 day, 15 day, and 30 day mowing cycle.

Still No contracts, this is just setting up a payment plan on an agreement and hand-shake.

22 Feb

Free Bulk Metal Recycling Haul Away

Can’t wait for City of Austin Bulk Collection, Contact Us.


Free Bulk Metal Recycling Haul Away Program is provided to our customers. If you have metal that you would like for me to take away just tell me when I am there or I can pick it up at our next scheduled mowing. Or Contact Us and we can make a special trip.

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • BBQ Pit
  • Hot Water Heater
  • And Other Metal

Aw, shucks, just missed the bi-annual City of Austin Bulk Collection, Contact Us.


If the job is too large or you need scheduled or regular pick up, then contact Smiley’s Recycling & Resale and on Facebook, is they are the nicest folks over there. Typically pick up on the same day, and sometimes free or a $30 pickup fee.

We both make sure that all metals are professionally recycled: CMS Metals

15 Feb

Better Than The Competition

Blades above the Competition, uh. You know what I mean, we top the competition, then we go back and mulch it!

If you are an ABC Pest and Lawn customer. Mention this ad and get a 1/2 price second mowing upon switching service to us.

Superior Service, Five Star Service. Try us and you will see, superior service, all the time. Contact us today.

14 Feb

Welcome to South Austin

Welcome to Austin! The news and statistics tell us that over 170 people move to Austin everyday. Maybe that means about 70 or less people moving to South Austin everyday. Austin is a great place and the reason that so many people are finding out about our fair little city and moving here in droves. South Austin is the melting pot of this greater metropolitan area and a perfect place to settle down with like minded people, start a career, raise a family, or just have fun! Whichever category you fit in, if you have bought or living in a house and have a yard, you will need to keep it trimmed, Contact us, we can help!

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services

12 Jan

Scheduled Service for Lawns with Sprinkler Systems Specials

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services provides a discounted rate for new customers signing up for regularly scheduled service that have an existing in ground sprinkler system, with mention of this ad. Please let us know and we would be happy to let us know how we can help maintain your lawn and save you money!

11 Jan

Sprinkler Head Maintenance and Replacements

Lawn-Mat Lawn Care Services offers services for sprinkler head maintenance and replacements on most models. Please inform us of any malfunctioning sprinklers and we will do our best to fix the faulty device or ensure that the proper maintenance is performed to keep the sprinkler head functioning properly.

06 Oct

Cash For New Grass – City of Austin Rebate Incentive

Landscape Conversion Incentive: Lawn Remodel Option

A$$, Cash, or Grass – The City of Austin is providing a cash option incentive for new grass lost in the drought of 2011. Contact Us for help with this.

Application must be postdated by October 14, 2011 to be eligible.

Program Information

  • $10 for every 100 sqft converted from existing turf to Bermuda or Buffalo grasses listed in the City of Austin Preferred Plant List.
  • Minimum of entire front yard and/or back yard turf.
  • Minimum of 6″ soil depth, 8″ preferred (soil may need to be added).
  • Automatic sprinkler systems must undergo an irrigation evaluation.
  • Turf installation is limited to a maximum of 20,000 sqft. Areas in excess of 20,000 sqft must be replaced with native landscape or permeable hardscape, rock gardens, mulching or non-irrigated beds.

This program is not appropriate for:

  • Sloping or creekside properties
  • Properties subject to HOA restrictions that conflict with the program requirements
  • Properties without a soil depth of 6″ or those unable to increase the soil depth to 6″
  • Customers unwilling to accept an indefinite time period with dead grass and delay in new installation
  • Customers unwilling to allow their new lawn to go dormant in the winter
  • Lawns (including established St. Augustine) that have remained healthy under current watering restrictions
  • Front or back yards receiving less than six hours of full sun per day
  • To be eligible for rebate, properties must:

  • Be an owner-occupied residential property
  • Be an Austin Water customer
  • Delay new installation until authorized by Austin Water
  • Not receive a warning or citation for water waste or violation of watering restrictions