10 Oct

A Letter From Our C.E.Mow

A NOTE FROM THE LAWNBOY (just for fun!)

I’m Lawn-Mat, that’s right, Lawn-Mat, it’s what my parents named me when just a wee kido.
They named me that because I used to push my little plastic mower all of the house, mowing our green shag carpet, I was the man! I really thought that I was mowing.
When I got a little older I would rake that shag carpet. Remember those days? When you actually had rakes to rake indoor carpet? Yep, I did it, loved it!! I was a mowing raking fool!
When I got old enough, maybe 6, I could start and push my own mower. There I was a mowin’! Barefoot and all.
So my parent’s renamed my Lawn-Mat. I go by that, have for years. Legally had it changed. I still love it, mowing and raking. You need your lawn mowed, raked, swept up and blown, I or my guys will do it for you, we really love it!
My buddies and I would mow all of the lawns in the neighborhood. Heck it even put me through college. I thought I college degree could help me, but I’m back, back to mowin’ lawns, the thing I love, why did I ever leave you, my trusty lawn mowing machine?!? Never again, I’m back!!
You think that it’s hot out there, but we think it feels just right! Call us crazy, but when you love something you love it.
So let us mow and maintain your lawn for you, we’ll do it and we’ll do it right!
Oh yeah, and we now take safety seriously, we wear shoes and protective devices, heck even safety glasses, but always earbuds in my ears to play some good tunes while I work.
No lawn is too big or too small. Although, some may be too far, we specialize in South and Southwest Austin lawncare and maintenance.
Small lawns can be done for $25. Average lawns for $35. And most lawns and extras for $45.
Thanks for your consideration, just let me mow, it’s all I wanna do!! Let me do it for you!
Lawn-Mat-C.E.Mow (Chief Operating Mower)