28 Feb

Brodie Heights Bi-Monthly Service – $32 Monthly Special With Advance Season Payment

Brodie Heights Condos Bi-Monthly Lawn Care Service – $32 Monthly Special With Advance Season Payment

Mowing * Trimming * Pulling Weeds (*upon initial service) * Blowing Off Walkways

* Habitual weeds should be serviced by regular service, like Weedman

2x, yes, 2 time, twice a month scheduled service, for the low low price of $32 (With Advance Season Payment, all others subject to $36 a month).

Offer Expires March 31, 2014

Brodie Heights Condominiums
9201 Brodie Lane
Austin, TX 78748

PH: (512) 280-6797
FX: (512) 291-0841

14 Feb

Welcome to South Austin

Welcome to Austin! The news and statistics tell us that over 170 people move to Austin everyday. Maybe that means about 70 or less people moving to South Austin everyday. Austin is a great place and the reason that so many people are finding out about our fair little city and moving here in droves. South Austin is the melting pot of this greater metropolitan area and a perfect place to settle down with like minded people, start a career, raise a family, or just have fun! Whichever category you fit in, if you have bought or living in a house and have a yard, you will need to keep it trimmed, Contact us, we can help!

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